ViiA Manager, the definitive ALL-IN-ONE Platform for managing and monitoring #OOH | #DOOH elements.


ViiA Smart Player

Advertising distribution management
mass content distribution, with filters, distribution by campaign, customer, places and more.

a market place platform developed especially for your company, managed in your own way.


Programmatic integration
system ready to receive html5 files for integration with the most different programmatic platforms available in the market.


Reports (7 different reports)
powerful reports to send to your clients, for a demonstration of performances, number of reproductions, the range of reproductions among others.


display in real time, messages, news, feed, weather, sports score, catastrophes alerts, all automated and updated in real time.


Social networks
integration with different social networks.


Dynamic content
allows the change contents, rss templates, html5, and replacement of mobile device advertising among others


Real-time streaming
real time streaming from youtube live, facebook live and other platforms.

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