ViiA Manager, the definitive ALL-IN-ONE Platform for managing and monitoring #OOH | #DOOH elements.


ViiA PoP

Through the use of the ViiA PoP (Proof-of-Posting) mobile application, companies should only send their verification staff to take the photo of the advertising element, all the rest, the platform is responsible for generating it automatically, from identifying each advertising element, locate it on the map, identify the campaign that should be on display, in addition to having filters by agency, client, campaign, duration of campaign among other features.

PoP satelite.png
PoP Mobile 1.png
PoP Mobile 2.png

"Giving a great contribution in standardization"

ViiA PoP was developed to facilitate the sending of information, generate transparency and efficiency.

In this way, the sending of traditional reports is automated, which involve a lot of work to be generated and sent,  translating into man hours in the photo editing, creation of PowerPoints and PDF, summaries and consolidated by elements and campaigns, and loss of the control and order in the mails sent to the client, generating a great contribution in the standardization of processes in the OOH / DOOH market, which is a necessity that the main clients look for.

PoP 1.png

Report Dashboard

PoP 2.png

Photo selection  (if have more then one picture)

PoP 3.png

Automated Customer Proof-of-Posting e-mail Reporting